Restore the Windshield on Your Car

Restore the Windshield on Your Car

Fix up your vehicle with windshield repair in Odessa, Pecos & Midland, TX

Small chips in your windshield can grow to become huge problems. Take action now by coming to Windshields Etc for windshield repair. We'll fill the cracks and scratches so you can hit the road again.

Not sure if you need a replacement or repairs? If the damage to your windshield is the size of a quarter or less, it can be repaired. Windshield repairs protect the structural integrity of the glass and keep you from having to come to us later on for windshield replacement.

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Think of us when you need auto glass repair in Odessa, TX & Pecos, TX

You can't keep ignoring damage to your windshield and windows, especially if you plan to keep driving around town. It's only a matter of time before the small fissures spread out and destroy your window for good. Fortunately, you have a better solution.

Get auto glass repair through us. We'll do everything we can to salvage your car window. Most insurance companies will cover 100% of auto glass repair without upping their premiums.

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Rock Chip Repair

A rock chip is a small break on a windshield, caused by rocks or other debris on the road. Rock chips aren't only ugly, but if neglected they can run in one or more directions on your windshield. This would eventually represent a higher investment, as a windshield replacement can cost hundreds of dollars. While a rock chip repair won't make the damage visibly disappear 100%, it will become less noticeable. But even more importantly, it will help restore the structural integrity in the damaged area to prevent it from spreading.

Many small rock chip damages are repairable. There are several advantages to repairing rather than replacing your windshield. These include:

•The cost of repair is only a fraction of the cost of replacing
•There is usually no deductible to pay on rock chip claims
•The time to repair is typically 15 to 25 minutes per chip
•Repairing doesn't compromise the integrity of the factory seal

Insurance policies usually covers rock chip repair costs 100% without raising the monthly premiums. They are glad to repair it now rather than having to replace it later. The claim process usually takes no more than a few minutes and is all done over the phone with no annoying forms to fill out.
Ask our customer service representative if your windshield damage can be repaired and to walk you through your payment options.