Stay Safe When You Strike Oil

Stay Safe When You Strike Oil

Fortify your oil rig with oil field glass in Odessa, Pecos & Midland, TX

Keeping oil drillers and their crews safe is vital in the oilfield industry. Windshields Etc makes oil field glass that meets all health and safety requirements. Everyone on the rig will be protected in the event of an incident. We install durable glass as part of the rig and in the control room.

There's a lot of sensitive equipment around oilfields. By installing quality glass windows and dashboards that hold up to stress and strain, we make drilling safer for everyone involved.

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Create a comfortable environment in your oil well dog houses

Oil well dog houses are usually attached to oil rigs and provide adequate room for the whole drilling crew. This shelter works as a:

  • Tool shed
  • Office
  • Communications center
  • Coffee breakroom
  • Lunch area
  • General meeting place

No matter what kind of windows or glass panels you need in your oil well dog house, you can count on us to take care of it.

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While Windshields Etc services the general public, it was originally designed to cater to the oilfield. The company founder's 27-year auto glass career was briefly interrupted in 2011 when he entered the oilfield workforce, where he discovered a void in the industry's glass needs. That realization was quickly seen as an opportunity to apply all his auto glass experience and skill, as well as his newly discovered oil industry, to the creation of a custom-tailored business, designed to meet that market's glass needs.

Because oilfield company vehicles are usually dispatched to many locations throughout the field, Windshields Etc provides mobile service to those locations, greatly reducing its customers' costs associated with travel and worker down-time. Its field personnel is 'safeland' and H2S trained and certified, and can replace most truck and equipment glass on sight.

Windshields Etc oilfield glass services include:

•Heavy equipment
•'Doghouses' and driller shacks

Are your company vehicles leased or third-party fleet serviced? No problem! Windshields Etc works with most fleet companies and third-party glass networks, and all billing and paperwork is handled by them.

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